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Message Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
Poster Handle HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ
Post Content
With the price of silver so low, why are you using coins?

Or do you mean silver rounds, not currency coins?

BTW, thanks, 5* and a
 Quoting: Lil Sis

You cannot use currency.

They must be "PURE SILVER".

Or 999/1000's fine.

Commonly called 3-9's fine.

Any thing else other than Silver in your water, alligator clips, copper centers of 25 cent quarters, antimony in old pre-1964 coins, lead zinc, other impurities are NOT desirable.

in the case of lead or other contaminants may actually cause you to get ill and or die......

"Soon Rivers Run Red"
 Quoting: HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ

I am going to buy some silver today. Question should I buy 1 oz troy bars or can I go with the thinner 10 gram bars? Money is kinda tight.
 Quoting: catnahalf

Like one poster said (pg 3 I think) 4-9's fine wire is available too. 3-9's will last a family for years, most people, unless you have 9 kids!
Get 2 pieces about 6-8" long.
$20-$30 maybe for 16 gauge?
Call around to local jewelers.

for most people this will last years.
Not every body makes it for the community, animals and people.
I sometimes give away pints!
Neighbors have treated goats, horses for various maladies.

Just get what you can afford.

The 1 ounce 3-9's coins that are down to 30% I have been using for about 15 years.
Probably made 15 gallons?
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