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Message Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Have you turned blue yet?
 Quoting: meeeeeeeeeeee!

That's an Old Smurf's Tale
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58286577

Actually it is not. a few people have actually turned to a grey hue skin.

These are the only reports you EVER see on TV. Trying to turn people away from the benefits of CS.

But they do not want you to know this.

From over dosing with low grade grey colloidal silver.

What is desired is "Ionic Silver"

This is what I make.

The grey will work just fine. You do not need to dose this heavily. You will still get the anti viral and anti bacterial benefits, just not as effective as a good Ionic Silver.

But if you do not mind looking like an alien I guess it is OK!
Hospitals are now using CS as one of the last resort methods of sterilizing entire rooms to stop the super bugs that now infest all major medical facilities.

 Quoting: HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ

They also use silver for burn wounds, I used it back in high school when I was burned. Healed up great.

My wife just had surgery 2 months ago, and guess what, THe bandages were laced with silver to prevent infection, and there was no need to change bandages!

Not to mention the undergarments now being produced with silver which eliminate odors, bacteria, and viruses I would imagine also!

Viruses and bacteria cannot grow on silver.

Another metal is copper, it kills bacterias, and I believe viruses.

Both metals are anti-fungals also.

Going to get into iodine, it's an oldie but a goodie!

MMS isn't bad to have around either, buy the bulk chlorine dioxide and make your own with distilled water.
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