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Message Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
Poster Handle HnryBwmn///KD0WSJ
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Pretty good instructions, Henry, but...

IF buying your silver, try .9999 pure Canadian Maple Leaf coin. Coin can be pressed or hammered flat. I use a clean filed anvil surface and ballpein hammer to flatten the coin to a sheet layer about .03" thick. Can cut with tin snips into 4" strips.

I use 2 auto batteries connected in series with a battery charger to give 27/28 volts DC. Alligator clip wire from the terminals to the silver strips which are kept separate in the half-gallon glass jar of distilled water. Juice the water for about 3hrs and you are done. Keep the water out of contact w/direct sunlight. Brown vitamin jars are nice for small storage, or medicine dropper jar like you get at healthfood store for $30... yikes!

The highest purity silver the better.
The more amperage, the more molecular movement.
Should see greying on the silver strips showing molecular movement. Clean them with a green 3m scrub pad before using again to get max molecular exposure to the distilled water.

Coin store should have 1oz Silver Maple Leaf for under $25. Jewelry supply might be a source, but probably not for the .9999 purity level.

I need to cook a batch soon.

If you are doing this for Colloidal Silver, might also look into mega-dose bonding of Vitamin-C with Lecithin. Use a Ultrasonic cleaner to bond the Vit C powder and Lecithin in distilled water solution. Really a great way to take high dosages of Vit C. About $100 for a med capacity sonic cleaner like the Lyman or Hornady. Just don't use them for case-cleaning if your going to use for vitamin mixing...
 Quoting: Lester 63692968

"Hammered Silver" I like it!!

Some good ideas there, Thank you Sir!
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