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"Urinalysis, a Half Step to Freedom" (aka: 'My pee-pee is worth more than gold.')

Second Senior of Air (Jupiter)

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09/01/2014 06:34 PM

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"Urinalysis, a Half Step to Freedom" (aka: 'My pee-pee is worth more than gold.')
These are some rather provocative and politically-charged pieces of work, many will be offended, so don't say I didn't warn you... Some of the material is a bit dated, but a lot of the topics are still very relevant, some even more so today in the decades that followed.

These are live recordings of vinyl records mixed (mashed) together using two turntables, but it isn't your typical DJ mashup. This is something that I've been doing since the early 2000's, but I hadn't done so in many years. Previously, I was generally doing "club-style" beatmixing, some of which I've also posted on this site for download. (Search "Vinyl DJ Mixes" for those.)

This particular material is spoken word vinyl mixed with different music, from house to breaks, ambient, and even some "jazzy" stuff, and many sub-genres in-between.

The topics are very political, and cover things from conspiracies, to sex & censorship, war crimes, government corruption, voting, right-wing fundamentalism, freedom of speech, humor, and even cannabis / hemp advocacy and activism.

I sincerely hope people enjoy listening to these as much as I enjoyed making them. The material, I feel, is very much on point for this forum.
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Never posted this sort of followup to my "Bass City Joint Roller" mashup. I split the "Urinalysis is Freedom" track across two different mashups. I also made a mistake on the track list originally, but am leaving the title as is.


SoundCloud link:

Urinalysis, a Half Step to Freedom:
[link to soundcloud.com (secure)]

Preliminary YouTube video:

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Vinyl list:
Jello Biafra - Urinalysis is Freedom
DJ Food - Akaire