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Here is some great perspective on Ebola

Anonymous Coward
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United States
09/22/2014 12:41 PM
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Here is some great perspective on Ebola
Here is some great perspective on Ebola
JJMC wrote:

Hey Jim,

I (horrifically)agree the ebola theory could be the plan and I think most alternative media thought that was going to be the case back with the swine flu. I remember the national guard being set up at the San Diego border with quarantine tents but nothing happened. Alex was screaming about swine flu / martial law with Steve Qualyle but it fizzled out...dry run perhaps..

The only problem I have with the theory is the execution of this massive op being even remotely plausible, at least an execution that doesn't end up way to difficult for the "govt" to keep control of. Therefore they will have to do it in stages...an all out outbreak / round up would be impossible to control especially if there was no real virus getting people sick. They will have to 1st establish "legitamacy" amongst the public so that the "round up" would be feasible even though the "truthers" will be telling the public it is a roundup...here is how I envision it:

1st---a REAL virus will need to be released. It can't be faked. Too many people will report all of the inconsistencies (nurses, EMT's firefighters, cops, hospitals, friends).

PHASE 1---Ebola (or whatever they are using) starts to spread here in the US(1000 + cases, max 10,000) and emergency situations are announced via TV by CDC, Obama and military. People in general will be frozen with fear not knowing what to do as it won't be "seen" in their community yet. They go about their daily sheeple lives worried and believing that the govt has it under control. Word of vaccines will be pushed heavily by the media...."experimental trials are under way" yippie!

PHASE 1 response- Independent media screams bloody murder it is a psy-op, a ruse, a false flag, and all the "true gun carrying patriots", say 10% (3.5 million people) know it as well. A lot of "on the fencer" public hear them (besides the 10%) and wonder if its true. The "fencers" will need to be won over by the govt.

During Phase 1--TSA style bio-hazard / quarantine stations are set up in major cities as testing grounds to play nice, showing safety precautions. They will be authoritative yet halfway polite to gain public trust. Military style troops / NSA/ FEDS / soldiers (whatever they are) will be stationed around the US like a metastasized tumor. A couple dissidents begin to get dissapeared or taken openly as inciting lies about the govt that hurt national and public security. This will help place it in the public's mind that it is "ok and acceptable" that SOME people will need to dealt with as the situation is too detrimental. BUT they will not touch a person like ALEX, SAVAGE, LEVINE, etc because they are too big and will draw too much attention. INSTEAD, they will leave them alone to usher in phase 2.

PHASE 1 end- Phase one will end quietly with reports of ebola being contained for the most part. Cases will be sporadic although some will continue to pop up, however the bio-hazard quarantine stations will need to be permanent in case of it resurfacing. The media will applaud the CDC, Obama, FEDS etc as they tout the new vaccine and or work of the govt in stopping (almost completely) the spread of ebola...probably right before elections... ALEX and SAVAGE are maligned as conspiracy theorists and idiots as everything they predicted did not come true...no martial law, no round up, no forced vaccinations...etc...people will believe it and the 10% will be maligned as crazy Waco style people that are dangerous to the public at this point...SNITCH CENTERS will be set up to identify with the public's help the crazy patriots...who will then be labeled dissenters to the cause and effort to truly help stop ebola...the public believes it (the govt hopes) and this causes the tipping point in the control-ability. The public will turn on the true patriots...

PHASE 2--winter a year later...ebola kicks back up again quickly and mercilessly...people are panicked.... ALTERNATIVE MEDIA sings the same song about martial law...this time the public(those who were on the fence) doesn't buy it and they turn to government for full support. The stations are already set up the vaccine is ready, forced inoculations are announced or they even announce vaccine shortages to scare people into flocking to the nearest Walgreens. .. This is when the round up begins as the people doing the rounding up will truly believe they are doing a "good thing"....then full civil war and unrest truly begin.....

Either way....sounds like a crappy future...

Here was an article from SHTF with the same MO you proposed with some more details from executive orders already signed about incarceration...

[link to www.lisbonmaine.net]

My response:
We are dealing with psychopaths with an agenda. Therefore, though the end result will be the same, the methodology is not set in stone and your guess is as good as mine. I doubt this virus is real at this point but cannot definitely say it is not. But if needed it would quickly become real. I will leave it at that, thanks!

Kjtruth sent:
FINAL NAILS IN THE EBOLA SCAM COFFIN: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence. I Am Sick and Tired of Repeating this FACT Over and Over Again!

[link to truthsector.wordpress.com]

People who doubt or even deny until they drop that the 2014 ebola outbreak is being manufactured/scripted along the way as they, the UN, see it necessary in order to keep the world population fooled enough and the pockets and private bank account of Ban ki Moon filled royally enough, answer this question.:

The fact that 75% of the alleged patients have recovered without a known cure – since officially there is none – should be big news, yet that fact(oid) has died a swift death. WHY?

That FIRST epicenter would be the same as the one that the BBC reported about in August 2014 as having remained free of ebola, miraculously.

Why and how did the United Nations switch the FIRST epicentre – from Gueckedou, Guinea – to Sierra Leone’s northeastern district of Kailahun, the SECOND and new epicenter?

Who ordered that the hype and lies surrounding the 2014 ebola outbreak and ebola in general had to go on, no matter what? Who is collecting the multimillion-dollar checks for this? Or is it just about the total takeover of Africa?

My response:

I know full well any "ebola relief" is going straight into Jewish pockets and NONE will make it to the destination, real outbreak or not, and I am not just blowing smoke, there is serious precedent for this - Haiti earthquake relief

Though billions were collected, almost all, and I am talking in the 98 percent range (and 100 percent that got donated to anything Jewish), got stolen. The only organizations that actually got to Haiti with any help at all were 100 percent churches, mostly small Christian churches in America with arguably the largest cohesive group showing up being the Church of Scientology. Hillary Clinton collected almost 100 million (by far the biggest chunk from direct donations) and not a single dime of it showed up in Haiti.

In America, scammers went through the Latino community and collected MILLIONS from Latinos and not a dime of it showed up in Haiti. So even though overall several billion got collected globally, with 1.4 billion coming from America - more than enough to rebuild Haiti several times over, they still sit in ruins because the only groups that were not corrupt were too small to do it all by themselves. They needed honesty in the big guns, the large people and organizations, and since these are mostly all now Jewish, Haiti got robbed of help and you can bet that this Ebola outbreak will be used to steal funding and help money in exactly the same way, real or not.

[link to fellowshipoftheminds.com]