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Subject "Dallas Murals/Mosaics" Not Denver Airport - BUT Related! Georgia Guide Stone Connects Too? JFK / Bank of America "The Storm"
Poster Handle oh_hi9876
Post Content
7/8/16 update:
Thread: THE END IS COMING - Dallas shooting suspect



(Update. Oct 1. Ebola in Dallas/USA! Wow - thanks for noticing BDE) CONNECTS!

I was in Dallas in the last year - downtown freaked me out! everyone seemed oblivious to the massive murals all over and their sinister undertones - reminded me of the Denver Airport murals!!! Take note! With all of the attention on Denver - maybe these have been overlooked!

omg this is the really scary one I was looking for!

this is the main one near the art museum - don't blame me for the vid lol
"Genesis, The Gift of Life" moved locations!

accidentally found this online:
hmmm bank of america:

will keep posting ...

please rate well so people will keep looking - and what do you think???damned
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