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Subject No dissent, komrades: Conservative critic of Obama placed on Watchlist
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to downtrend.com]

"Stephen Hayes, a senior writer at The Weekly Standard and a regular Fox News contributor, was informed Tuesday that he had been placed on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terrorist Watchlist.

Hayes, who spoke to POLITICO by phone on Tuesday, suspects that the decision stems from U.S. concerns over Syria. Hayes and his wife recently booked a one-way trip to Istanbul for a cruise, and returned to the States, a few weeks later, via Athens."

1984 much? Talk about fucked up priorities. We have crazy 7th century oog ooga me no likey pork and bacon cavemen roaming around butchering people, declaring war on America and Amercians. And instead of going after them, the dems in the admin. play whack-a-conservative because they're butthurt over being criticized.

They must be smoking something over there wherever they put ppl on the Watchlist: :bonghit:

"Gee guys, someone got beheaded but no worries,5a we're not Da President Bush so we'ze are fine dance The Muslims really dont hate us, they're just victims of the system etc etc.

The Stupidity of this admin. is simply astounding. We have barbarians at the gate and they're dicking around and playing petty politics by doing a "we'll show you" to someone who disagrees with them.

Tards. slaphim
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