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Message Subject Free Will is a Delusion
Poster Handle Naturyl
Post Content
Guys I am having some serious trouble here. Despite all these nice *theories* and deep discussions, I can advise you I have temporarily *overcome* the laws of physics in life threatening situations, and exploring the world in general.

First let me predicate this by stating I am a large part Cherokee Indian. I know. Big deal.

An example. I ride motorcycles. One time I got into big trouble, not through fault of mine, long story, but sure as shit I was fixin' to get killed. I WILLED when the event was going down NOW is NOT the time for me to die. No God, nothing. However I got outta this deal without a scratch, and yes, I DID overcome the laws of physics as we understand it. I willed it. People pulled over and freaked. Just one example. I DO NOT claim to have any special powers, LOL.. I just willed it.

So how does these types of events reconcile with your theories???? I am very curious........
 Quoting: Omega

Coincidence coupled with selective interpretation. In other words, you got lucky, and you choose to interpret as something more because that is what you want to believe. It's a very common psychological phenomena. Happens all the time.

Cool deal on the Cherokee thing. I'm 1/8.
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