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Message Subject Free Will is a Delusion
Poster Handle gooderboy
Post Content
Guys I am having some serious trouble here. Despite all these nice *theories* and deep discussions, I can advise you I have temporarily *overcome* the laws of physics in life threatening situations, and exploring the world in general.

First let me predicate this by stating I am a large part Cherokee Indian. I know. Big deal.

An example. I ride motorcycles. One time I got into big trouble, not through fault of mine, long story, but sure as shit I was fixin' to get killed. I WILLED when the event was going down NOW is NOT the time for me to die. No God, nothing. However I got outta this deal without a scratch, and yes, I DID overcome the laws of physics as we understand it. I willed it. People pulled over and freaked. Just one example. I DO NOT claim to have any special powers, LOL.. I just willed it.

So how does these types of events reconcile with your theories???? I am very curious........

Coincidence coupled with selective interpretation. in other words, you got lucky, and you choose to interpret as something more because that is what you want to believe.

Cool deal on the Cherokke thing. I'm 1/8.

Alright, this guy is full of shit.

His idiotic logic, coupled with ignoring my valid refutations makes this guy a disinformationist.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 118505

lol, now you do know that you are being 'caused' to believe that, and don't ya now? Or maybe you are just being randomly picked out of the ol' 'lucky' bin... and well, it could also be co-incidental ya be 'caused' to think that a'way as well, lol??????????
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