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Message Subject Free Will is a Delusion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Naturyl yes... but if some events are "caused" by human thought, then that being the cause as opposed to the reaction denotes free-will.

But human thought is caused. You can decide to eat some Doritos, but that decision is caused by your hunger, which is caused by your need to survive, which is caused by evolution, which is caused by the laws of physics, which are caused by the big bang, which is caused by Nature. It all comes back to that.

That doesn't explain why you choose doritos.

And please, don't try to say that "I was urged to eat doritos because I wanted to eat them". What if I wanted to eat shit, and yurned for it, and still ate doritos, then your logic is invalid.

Such logic is invalid, which is why you avoid my most of my arguments. You always resort to your already refuted arguments. Sad materialist.

I choose Doritos because a thousand different factors cause me to choose them. There are always many different factors involved in any event. The fact that it is difficult to know exactly what those factors are does not mean that they do not exist.

You have refuted nothing, and the fact that you think you have is pretty funny. :)
 Quoting: Naturyl

You're arguements have been dealt with.

Your logic deals with probability and inclinations, not facts. So long as I can look the other way; so long as I decside which path to take, regardless of inclination and probable future, the choice is mine to make, noob.
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