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Message Subject Free Will is a Delusion
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But it is still my choice, isn't it?

Sure, if you want to call something that you have no choice about a "choice." :)

Funny, it seems to me that I make choices all day long.

Sometimes, I hunger and want to eat and say 'no' to myself because I want to be slim. I prefer to stir my husband.

Sometimes, I walk away from the computer because I must perform my duties.

Sometimes, I keep my mouth shut because I don't want to start an argument with my daughter.

Sometimes, I force myself to get out of bed instead of sleep, not to do unto others as they would have me do unto them, but because I want to honor God and go to church.

And for some reason, these are all things I do for DUTY, not because of the golden rule.

But because I choose to be a better human being today than I was yesterday.
 Quoting: Kay 72054

I'm willing to bet that you're on auto-pilot for most of your daily routine just like the rest of us.

I try my best everyday to keep conscious and aware of my physical movements, my choices, the welling up of emotions, and I still constantly slip into trance and find myself just doing without conscious thought. Even a simple act like eating Doritos..

Gurdjieff had some good things to say in that respect.

Hey, thanks Naturyl. Killer thread!
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