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Message Subject Free Will is a Delusion
Poster Handle Naturyl
Post Content
But it is still my choice, isn't it?

Sure, if you want to call something that you have no choice about a "choice." :)

Funny, it seems to me that I make choices all day long.

Sometimes, I hunger and want to eat and say 'no' to myself because I want to be slim. I prefer to stir my husband.

Sometimes, I walk away from the computer because I must perform my duties.

Sometimes, I keep my mouth shut because I don't want to start an argument with my daughter.

Sometimes, I force myself to get out of bed instead of sleep, not to do unto others as they would have me do unto them, but because I want to honor God and go to church.

And for some reason, these are all things I do for DUTY, not because of the golden rule.

But because I choose to be a better human being today than I was yesterday.
 Quoting: Kay 72054

Yeah, I agree, it seems like we make choices all the time. It is human nature to imagine that we are calling the shots.

But we don't. It's all dictated by causal factors, or perhaps on extremely rare occassions, randomly generated on the spot. In neither case are we the "doers."

Nature is the only doer. We do not choose, we are chosen through. We are agents of choice, not the orginators of it. Nature is the only creator and the only cause.
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