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Message Subject Timelines To A Global Reset 2016-2017
Poster Handle Red Hawke
Post Content
OP here is me tel u may in summary.
Thread: selected extracts from me tel u now thread

ALso do read this thread from a whistle blower claiming to be from Shambhala inner earth from the secret society brotherhood of the snake.

Thread: I went to the moon and know what they are hiding
Thread: My experience on the moon, and coming events.

What went wrong summary

Thread: My experience on the moon, and coming events. (Page 18)

Also do read this thread from page 76
Thread: Incoming celestial object (Page 76)

The moon is going to be repositioned to mars. The beings frm ORION are back. There will be worldwide floods and 1/3 of humanity will die. THe anunnaki are back and they will take the moon away. The moon came from orion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 49440430

Thank you so much for the link about the summary of the mel tel u thread.hf

Wow it is very intriguing. At the same time it is very challenging as I find the cryptic (?) language a bit incoherent for me. As I had said, English is my fourth language and that thread really stretch my English language skills.

I am on a tight travel schedule traveling on some el cheapo travel itinenary trying to shore up some good work by local wisdom keepers in South America, the Caribbean and later in the week in west coast of US before returning to the Orient before the Chines New Year. I cannot digest the me tel u thread entirely and communicate to the Taoist Elders the intent of the thread without seriously undermining our own schedule.

From what I intuit so far, the part about 15 May runs quite close to the timeline to the so called reset. DO PAY GREAT ATTENTION TO THE ENTITY'S DECLARATION ABOUT " now "! This is very telling because it is indicating its very presence in the fluidic " now ". Intuiting from the gist of the thread, the entity was or is divulging info or data of the fluidic present now and it is in the " KNOW "! The syntax alternating between " now " and cryptic " know " is very telling because it implies ( THIS IS GOING TO BE VERY CONFRONTING ) that the perpetrators of this project IS USING THIS TO CREATE REALITY, to create a timeline using technology connected to this very project.

We better check the LHC schedules which are published as they can be " red herrings " throwing us off their real times of operation. However satronomical or rather astrological as well as numerological calculations are what they cannot ignore without compromising the level of effectiveness. They can compensate by their arcane rituals, invocations and intense electromagnetic pulsings affecting Mother Earth's natural rhythms and vibrations, but they probably cannot cause the full potential disruptions to the dimensional shield.

The other significant thing in the near future is the " oil sickness " thingy. This would surmise that oil will no longer be the main energy provider once the timeline morph. I think I like the word morph, there will be a " MORPH " on the horizon!

I will have to meditate on the mind-heart bongling revelations in the rest of the me tel u thread. Lots to decipher and dwelt on. Meantime, I need to wrap up things in South America ( I really need to work on things in the Andes, but I cannot be physically up on the Andes without triggering of the AI monitors ). It is quite frustrating working remotely from afar not close to the grids to be 100% effective. Luckily the local wisdom keepers hold the forts very well. Next, we need to patch up something before the tptb's recent dry run set up scalar reactions in the US west coast; the indigenious wisdom keepers over there are already getting a bit overwhelmed but they will hold steady. Otherwise there will be some interesting but not too happy " happenings" over there in the next several weeks. Ok enough for now, as I remember loose lips sink ships! Best wishes and goodwill to all.yoda
 Quoting: The TAO 52938843

I was struck when I read through the earlier pages of the thread. The author said he like the word MORPH. Was he telling us something? I had a dream recently wherbybthings just changed in front of me. Initially I was shocked but somehow the very next moment I accepted the new reality as if I knew it as a natural happening. I woke up and the word MORPH rang in my head.
 Quoting: Eyjafjallajökull


The TAO will be very happy If he sees this post. You are one of the few who had earned the opportunity to get a glimpse of the possible “ seamless “ transcendence to higher dimensional planes.
That is what he meant by the word MORPH.
If things continue to go well for you, that will manifest in stages sometime in your wakeful reality state. Kudos!
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