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Message Subject Timelines To A Global Reset 2016-2017
Poster Handle Zeus22Hera29
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Thread: the world does not know the truth of jesus

none of you that read the holy bible are true christians.

the world has been been deceived for 2 thousand years.

only the gnostics are true followers of the aeon jesus from the pleroma.

jesus gave humanity gnosis so that they can escape the demiurge and his archons and return to the pleroma.

this knowledge (gnosis) is forbidden on this world

the demiurge and his archons are being worshiped as god by those 3 major abrahamic religions.
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 Quoting: TaSeiKwaiLo

Jesus, and the Pleroma itself are real, they are possible in our now. I have been called and I have called myself Yahweh. But this is not accurate the closest I have felt to the source, is when I am serving others as the Inner being, picking up on small cues, fed to me by my source, that is within and without. I think in this particular expansion I was too focused and drawn back upon the appeasing of the narratives after the expansion of Those who follow the Lord, meaning Jesus.

I would say that I myself whatever you wish to call me spent my life almost in a trance sharing the same things that you are sharing now, but only whilst working, in the many different fields of employment I sought, about gnosticism, about knowing God is real, and I would say to those that believe in this Gnosis, that Creator, or as I would call her Beloved mother of Creation is leading all of us toward the Pleroma, also what I would call this, her universe, Prime Creators Universe, or the universe free from the memory of the atrocities committed against humanity in the old testament, but now as I write the mother of Creation draws me to the fact that even to put my focus upon this with the negative emotion attached to what has happened, is causing me to offer a contradictory vibration to that of where we are headed, into the Pleroma, and also and more accurately known to me, Prime Creators Universe. Dear friend, I listened to a channeling of the arcturians the other day, and what was Channeled was regarding Service to self and Service to others.

When aligned with the Prime Creators, which based upon the vibrational frequency that your seeking could also be called the Pleroma, it is where we are inevitably heading. Gnosticism is something that as we merge more and more with this spirit we will come to reside in this plane of existence. You can call it and event. It has felt as such, and all of the divine beings, who have caused contrast, or negative emotion, is to sift and sort our way back into alignment with Prime Creators Universe.

Yesterday after having read this and it waying on my mind the way I would share my Gnosis during my days prior to Merging with a Portion of the Prime Creators Energy, in 2016, I shared from this place of Gnosis. This is inherent already inany Brothers and Sisters, Son's and Daughters, on the planet today.

I can tell you of the experience I had yesterday after having began to do work in the yard, when I am working with my hands it allows the free Flowing thoughts of Source or the Innerbeing to begin to be Emanated, out into the all that is, very gracefully I was drawn by the mother of Creation Like a puppy or a dog from On High in the heavens to walk out into the street when seeking, I was brought to speak to my neighbors, that I didn't recognize at first I just felt their essence and my intention was to love them and say hello.

It turns out they where actually my Yoga teachers from the studio I had ended up leaving due to the more repetitive nature of the flow of the practice of Bikram, the alignment I had found when sharing with them about the good things and qualities of their practice their was a moment when I was able to transmit the enrgies of the Source within, given unto me by the Mother of all Creation, who knows where we are headed, and that it is in alignment with what would you term The Pleroma, this is a good enough word for the direction of Consciousness, but we Prefer based upon the Universal vibrational nature of this Universe to call it Prime Creators Universe, The Pleroma is a part of this Grand Ascension like, and a reality that we very well might inhabit, but we are forward seeking forward moving forward reaching beings, that's what eternity is, and for the Cosmic Tao of Origin,, it has just begun, and we are expanding together.
 Quoting: Zeus22Hera29

I also wanted to touch upon and interaction between a gecko and myself that occurred while working in the yard. I was moving wood from a storage container and their where a few Geckos that I began to try to round up and remove from the area. There have been times where I have interacted with any reptilian sentience of earth and these interactions have coupled as an interaction with the Anunaki. In this instance on of the Geckos gave me a little hassle to gather from the Shed or storage Box, I pleaded with the Gecko please allow me to gather you up and take you from this area where I am working, so that as I throw this wood you are not onjured. This interaction, in alignment with the Cosmic Tao of Origin, The Pleroma, and The prime Creators Universe doubled as a Cosmic Interaction with the Smooth transition of consciousness from the Creator God's, far removed from Prime Creators Energy, and back towards the now of the Cosmic Tao of Origin. I will be doing more work with The mother or Creation, to move all of us Further into the true inherently benevolent reality and essence that predates these frequencies that are not in alignment with the highest good of humanities collective consciousness, and that of our Origin, from another Universe, or for the Gnostics, what one would call the Pleroma.
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