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Message Subject Timelines To A Global Reset 2016-2017
Poster Handle Prince Rupert
Post Content
I copied this second part of the TAO's post from the other site.



UBUNTU is a very nice story from Africa...
The motivation behind the Ubuntu culture in
An Anthropologist proposed a game to the
African tribal children...

He placed a basket of sweets near a tree
And made the children stand 100 meters away.
Then announced that whoever reaches first
would get all the sweets in the basket.
When he said ' ready steady go!'...

Do you know what these children did?
They all held each other's hands, ran together
towards the tree, divided the sweets and enjoyed
When the Anthropologist asked them why
they did so,
They answered.... "Ubuntu "

Which meant-
'How can one be happy when others
are sad?"

Ubuntu in their language means-

" I am because we are "
A strong message for all generations.

Let all of us always have this attitude and
spread happiness wherever we go.

Let's have a "Ubuntu" Life...

I am a fractal of who we are and you are a fractal of what I am. We exist. We are because we exist. We are loved simply because we exist.

Best wishes and goodwill for the ever coming upliftment of humanity. hf
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