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Message Subject Timelines To A Global Reset 2016-2017
Poster Handle Mumukshu
Post Content
trying...ok success ( The trick is not to post a long text in one go , if it is causing a ban , post a sentence and then edit the post to add more (one paragraph or few sentences at a time) , this way you either get to the problem word or it posts without any changes)


Hello and goodwill greetings everyone. It's one really hot summer and I have to move out of the plateau areas to the Frigg areas of the Qiang Tang to get water supplies. A good break to catch up with friends and well wishers.

Humanity has reached a part of the journey up the subtle planes on a path strewn with obstacles like landslips, avalanches and earthquake chasms. Some of these are old debris, but quite a bit are new ones created by forces who want to continue human enslavement and feed off human subtle energies.

Cosmic grace and rebalancing energies continue to stream in providing humanity the spiritual sustenance and fortitude to evolve up, as well as deeper, into the subtle planes of existence. Our future lessons, experiences, exploits and achievements await us. Humans should begin to sense ' Cosmic Time ' which is ' No Time ' but an experiential phenomenon of The Present.

The Spark of Renewal had occurred, we are progressing and progressing. As we transcend the 3D physical reality we should begin to lose the 3D mental trap of demanding that Cosmos come to us. Share and partake without demanding. There is nothing to demand but everything to share. We move forward as we are the experiencers of the Cosmos.

As I gathered my water supplies, the people in the small settlement told of of world events as they knew I was away in the mountains for quite some time. They showed me articles of the BRICS meetings, the western and eastern media articles of greedy businesspeople short changing the African people, the Oriental bogeyman capturing Africa's wealth and getting African belles for the lonely hearts of the Middle Kingdom. I am sure some of those stories are true; much regret to that with the hope that some of our counsel to exercise good human values will stick to those who venture into that continent. I am also sure some of our miscreants learnt from the best, those blood diamond entrepreneurs, massive arms dealers, those rare earth exploiters they had all read about in glossy magazines and study papers they garner from Harvard as well as other Ivy Leagues. Having said that, quite a bit are utter disinformation, demonization, fear mongering, jealous trickery and downright fake news. The African, BRICS and other progressive human think tanks are aware of the such dirty business and will never allow the unnatural ways of the previous colonizations to be repeated.

An overseas contact who had gone to New Zealand to meet with our friends there messaged me something he wrote about the Ubuntu project, his misgivings and how we should not lose sight of the good things even though some miscreants had besmirched the project with their underhanded dealings and misguided deeds. I am reminded of something I came across when we discussed about the Ubuntu. Media savvy readers might have seen this before, but I still would like to share this here today.


UBUNTU is a very nice story from Africa...
The motivation behind the Ubuntu culture in
An Anthropologist proposed a game to the
African tribal children...

He placed a basket of sweets near a tree
And made the children stand 100 meters away.
Then announced that whoever reaches first
would get all the sweets in the basket.
When he said ' ready steady go!'...

Do you know what these children did?
They all held each other's hands, ran together
towards the tree, divided the sweets and enjoyed
When the Anthropologist asked them why
they did so,
They answered.... "Ubuntu "

Which meant-
'How can one be happy when others
are sad?"

Ubuntu in their language means-

" I am because we are "
A strong message for all generations.

Let all of us always have this attitude and
spread happiness wherever we go.

Let's have a "Ubuntu" Life...

I am a fractal of who we are and you are a fractal of what I am. We exist. We are because we exist. We are loved simply because we exist.

Best wishes and goodwill for the ever coming upliftment of humanity.
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