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Message Subject Timelines To A Global Reset 2016-2017
Poster Handle M5
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Hey tao, I just read through your posts about your trips to the Mt Kailash area. Tell us the legends about Lake Manasoravar...some deities bathed there? Is Kailash a pyramid?

No bull
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76888013

Sadhguru about Manasarovar [link to isha.sadhguru.org (secure)]

Right from my childhood, I have heard many stories about how yakshas, ganas and devas came from somewhere else and took away this princess, got married to that person, this happened, that happened – all kinds of stories. I enjoy them, I appreciate them, but believing them is not in me. I never believed a word of it, but I gathered a rich accumulation of stories within me from various sources because I like the nature of the stories. I like the imagination behind them. But when I went to Manasarovar, for the first time I saw things happening there that I never ever believed possible. Slowly, I'm beginning to wonder if all these stories could actually be true. It makes me feel a little silly because I have built a reputation around the world of a straight-talking guru – absolutely logical, nobody can find a hole in my logic. But now, if I talk about what I'm seeing, particularly in Manasarovar, I'm staking my reputation. And it will make me look like a silly UFO freak…
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