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Message Subject Can someone educate me on the entire Hong Kong situation?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This umbrella revolution is the baby of a pro-Western, anti-Beijing HK media Mogul Jimmy Lai.

-His right-hand man Mark Simon, has been the chairman of the US republican party in HK. He is the one distributing money to the following people for Jimmy Lai.

-He was exposed to have paid the local Catholic cardinal Joseph Zen 3 million pounds in secret, funded most of the 'democratic' politicians, funded an ex government official Anson Chan, all of which are very vocal in their anti-government and anti-China stance.

He is under investigation of the anti corruption organisation of HK in connection with bribing politicians.

-He paid Paul Wolfowitz (former World Bank president and US Deputy Defence Secretary) $75,000 for arranging meeting in Myanmar for some reasons.

[link to www.dvb.no (secure)]

-His Next Media and newspaper Apple Daily is a propaganda tool which brainwashed youngsters into the democratic shit, and that the west is the best and china is evil etc.

Before the current leader of HK, CY Leung, took office (March 2012), Jimmy Lai ordered the editor of his Next media group to fight with CY Leung, since CY Leung is chosen by Beijing and that he would surely legislate the 23rd article into the basic law, (which will make treason and receiving money from overseas for political reasons illegal and a serious crime). And the same article his editor described Jimmy Lai as being excited with the prospects of using mass to fight with CY Leung in the battle.
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