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Message Subject Antoine Bechamp Vs. Louis Pasteur or Cell Vs. Germ Theory or What YOU Should Know about Disease!
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Béchamp and Pasteur:

Béchamp and Pasteur were both members of the French Academy of Sciences, and the papers they submitted, and their correspondence, both to each other and to other people, were all recorded. Even their verbal exchanges survive in the minutes of the meetings. Seldom has a lifetime of scientific and professional antagonism been so well and publicly documented.

Béchamp said that microzymas arose from within the bodyís cells because of changes occurring with the cell itself. The presence and state of the microzymas ó in other words their observed evolution to the state of being a virus or bacteria ó is therefore a symptom of disease, not the cause of it.

Pasteur, on the other hand, and as the world knows, argued that germs from the external world enter the body and cause the disease.

The difference between Béchamp and Pasteur is clearly seen through examining the reports they submitted to the French Academy of Science. This leads to three indisputable and striking conclusions:

1. Pasteurís reports on experiments and consequent deductions are all preceded by Béchampís, in some cases by several years. When Pasteur proclaimed to have found the answer to a pressing question it turns out that Béchamp had already clearly answered that question.
2. The quality control on Pasteurís experiments was poor and allows for unaccounted interference. In contrast, Béchamp had a rigid and structured approach to his experiments, which allowed him to answer his contemporaries more clearly and directly.
3. The deductions Pasteur made from his experiments were often far beyond the scope of the actual experiment and often turned out to be more speculation than science. As a consequence, Pasteur was caught out on several occasions changing his interpretation and statements to suit his case. Béchamp, on the other hand, never made a claim that he had not substantiated with sound scientific proof.

The reason why Béchamp was mainly ignored and Pasteur elevated to hero status is to be found in the different personalities and the lure of commercial success. Bechamp was a dedicated scientist and researcher, but he had no skills at politics and ass-kissing. Pasteur, on the other hand, was an expert at both. He ingratiated himself with the rich and powerful, and even became a favorite of French royalty.


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