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Message Subject Antoine Bechamp Vs. Louis Pasteur or Cell Vs. Germ Theory or What YOU Should Know about Disease!
Poster Handle zCommonAnomaly
Post Content
Wonderful thread. Academic Science is not an angelical Virgin, but a skillful prostitute. This wonderful information (I've heard before that Pasteur was not a saint) reminds me the title of one of Martin gardner's books: "Science: Good, Bad, Bogus"... Egos, politics... and in the very last place, philanthropy.

By the rest, WE ARE ALIENS invading the planet's first inhabitants, viruses and bacteriae... HGWells warned us somehow in "The War of the Worlds", we are the martians, lol...


I love your avatar, My Fair Lady
 Quoting: Inerrancia

Oh my gosh, I'll remember that (bolded/\) when I'm feeling extra feisty, I'm sure :-)

We are the Aliens w/the viruses/bacteria, I'll enjoy thinking on that.


Ty for the compliment, I like it too but I'm missing my old one and really wanting to re-upload it.

I have such a soft spot for Antoine Bechamp. I wonder how different things would be right now if we would have continued to build on his work. Or how different it will be when we do..

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