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Daily Shaming of the Ear Tone Generators (We are coming to kill the Ear Tone Generators)

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 59152689
10/08/2014 10:12 AM
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Daily Shaming of the Ear Tone Generators (We are coming to kill the Ear Tone Generators)
I had recently observed some of you posting about the "ear tones", I just wanted to share my two cents with you guys on this.

I had been experiencing these symptoms for the last couple of years, this is obviously government related. What tipped off that clue was that whenever I attempt to use my computer here, and connect to the internet, a very specific ear tone frequency always accompanies. Strangely, when I use computers elsewhere, this never happens. My first thoughts were that the symptoms I had imagined these symptoms were due to some sort of remote surveillence device keeping tabs on my browsing habits, this appears to be the most likely case.

But then I realized, whoever is in charge of this invasion of privacy must be very stupid, ensuring that I hear the frequency only at this IP address, and not any others. Surely, whoever is watching me can't be from the government, they can't be this stupid.

Since I really don't want to think that they might be that stupid, ghosts, aliens and other supernatural explanations don't seem too bad. But then I thought seriously, why does a ghost, aliens or psychic remote viewer care about everytime I connect to the internet from a specific IP address.

What was even more amusing, is that I heard this tone, RIGHT In the MIDDLE of a HUMAN RIGHTS CLASS LMAO. Literally, when we brought up the concept of privacy invasion, you know I had to do the fake cough.

I find it laughable that they think they can keep tabs on me, try to intimidate me, I can sense their fear, the ones that harbor it anyways. Everytime I hear a tone, I am only reminded that these are desperate measures of small minded racists who fear the end of their own conservative minded white male dominant ideologies, I am only reminded that they can only remotely confront me. LOL @ the day they confront me, that would be the end of it for them. There are just too many reasons why they wouldn't. Imagine if this story got out to the public, if I really took legal action, or simply killed the people targetting me on the simple basis of self defense. They have already proven their lack of humanity, they are not human beings, if they choose to support these actions, tagetting people in this manner, that just shits all over people's rights to privacy and essential freedoms.

All I'm reminded of is the dying breed of conservative white male old fucks that are going to fucking get it, those who support these invasive measures, well beyond an infringement of human rights. Well beyond a fucking invasion of privacy. This is comparable, or worse than actions by the Chinese Communist Government.

Prepare to die, ear tone generators.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 63656350
United States
10/08/2014 10:31 AM
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Re: Daily Shaming of the Ear Tone Generators (We are coming to kill the Ear Tone Generators)
Are you Chinese? You write very well, very erudite.
I hear the tones too. It emits at different frequencies and usually when something substantial is going on.