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Message Subject Jesus was a leftist peacenik
Poster Handle Kay
Post Content
And no, there is no going back 1000 years to explain the Inquisition or The Dark Ages.

They were barbaric people behaving barbaric in a barbaric culture.

How about we look at the last 200 years, where we know the culture and can relate to it?

If you do, you will see that EVERY major social progress was instituted by the Christian Church.

laugh laugh laugh

You really think that barbarianism magically disappeared 200 years ago?

Your spiritually retarded church is STILL the NUMBER ONE obstacle to social progress in the Western world, as well as the NUMBER ONE instigator of war. Fundies oppose every kind of welfare program, education program, birth control program, social security program, etc. What you do NOT oppose is every half-baked war Bush and his pals propose. You also don't oppose anything that puts green dollar bills in your pocket, because you sold Jesus out in favor of Mammon a long time ago.

You really have no leg to stand on here. Your only argument is that Christianity was bullied into finally rejecting the very worst human rights abuses a century or two ago, very grudgingly and very reluctantly, and only because of pressure from people who actually have morals (unlike you). You are still doing your level best to hamper, belittle, and undermine progess wherever you can. As always, you and your religious pals represent everything that is morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankrupt.

Anyone who is not brainwashed by your pet cult knows this. It's as plain as the nose on George Bush's Christian face.
 Quoting: Naturyl

You are an idiot who doesn't even know where to go to find out what Christians really think.

If you had been on this board more than a couple of days you would KNOW what Christians think. We post it here. You could have kept you mouth SHUT for a couple of days and LEARNED SOMETHING from Christians.

Instead you babble off about a bunch of nonsense about George Bush being a Christian. What a load of nonsense, you really are an idiot if you think that!

He is Skull and Bones, a tool for Illuminati and globalists and always has been. He goes to Bohemian Grove, where they do Satanic rituals. Alex Jones has done work on this, he is a CHRISTIAN by the way.

Do you think that Christians go to secret locations with the world elite and do satanic rituals?

Why don't you just shut-up and try to learn something for a change? Maybe you don't know everything.
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