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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle TEOTWAIKI
Post Content
I want to tell the Dude From Hong Kong that I personally think he is one of the brightest minds in the whole world... He has laid out most, if not all of the pieces of the puzzle...for all who read this thread to see....

It is so refreshing to see a mind full of discernment at work, instead of some educated idiot frothing at the mouth with historical so called facts...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20236617

Indeed, everything the DFHK reports rings true.

but I have some questions:

Why is the world's gold being stored on islands?
(Seems like it would be more vulnerable to loss)
Couldn't someone like Putin storm the vaults from sea and make off with a zillion dollars worth?
(Tom Clancy are you reading this?)

Why would the IDF be afraid of a Shia uprising?
With all the weapons that they and their allies have,
what do they have to fear from marginalized ethnic people?

Are the Muslim immigrants into Europe and America mostly Sunni?
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