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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thread: Uncle intel: confirmed by another uncle. The rest of 2020
A new upgraded more virulent more deadly virus has already been released in a few dense population centers.

They anticipate it will take 60 days to proliferate

It will be conflated with covid19 (second wave) but it's not covid19.
They are counting on jaded anti-mask people to help spread it

By September it will be obvious that this will be next level jumanji dwarfing covid19

But this will just be setting the stage for the next step: drawing the US into multifront war by an anti-US alliance of nations

Front 1) NK is going to attack SK this year
Front 2) Israel is going to get hit with missiles originating Arab nations. New regional Mideast war
Front 3) China will move on Taiwan, but they actually hope Taiwan will surrender
Front 4) India is going to get it bad
Front 5) you can guess. Us soil

If you can...it would be wise to stay out of towns/cities for the next 60 days starting as soon as possible. Q4 will be the worst in human history for US residents. Not hyperbole

Get money out of the US banks and into something else.

The goal is population reduction, end of the USD, and the emergence of a new super power alliance of nations not based in the western hemisphere anymore.

The viruses, economic destruction, and multi-front prelude wars are to spread the US thin and thinner where there is no single enemy to retaliate against.
Then the final blow will come
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73854445

It is so sad that uncle sam refuses to wake up and do disclosure of ET. You would hit all birds with one stone. Wake up from your trance and mind control.
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