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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thread: Rumor has it: Kamala demands that Joe step aside or she walks... update pg 4. Almost confirmed...Hillary fighting to step in, but Joe is out
My insider friends are saying that Kamala is demanding that Joe Biden step aside or she quits. Won't be part of a coked up child rapist administration. Allegedly, the FBI (Wray) showed her the videos and pics, and they need her or someone else to become president to shield them from blowback for hiding the laptop. They know the videos and pics will leak daily. Allegedly Kamala and her staff cried when they watched it.

Barack saw it too. Biden was shutdown this week so he wouldn't say something stupid. Infighting now, s to who replaces Joe and how to spin it. All the Dems running are pissed off. Bidens are an anchor and they don't want Hillary because everyone knows she paid for dossier.

Expect suicides and mass Arkancides.
 Quoting: St. Pete Traveler

Thread: RUMOR: Biden to suspend campaign, step down from nomination
Rumors are swirling now that Joe Biden is accepting an offer to step down amid pressure from the DemoKKKRat Party.

Party officials openly acknowledging that Biden cannot serve as POTUS (corruption, security risks) and cannot win the election. Officially, Biden will claim to step away for the sake of supporting his sons recovery from addiction (drug and sexual). Party officials are hoping they can salvage the party.

In exchange for Joe stepping down Hunter will not be charged for CP crimes or any felony level sexual offenses.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76879092
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