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Message Subject Saudi's On The Move
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Biden - math

Wife kills her self with daughter - maybe she found out birth father and brother were raping her daughter

This is most extreme action and protest a woman a wife a mother can take , it shows she was good and brave women to take most desperate of action . God’s curse of those who made her do this

Biden sr has been fucking children for decades and still no action by fbi? Even before China BS news? It’s kazarian yahidi Mossad operation like they doing for thousands of American politicians

That money supposedly coming from China to Biden is from deep Mossad operation using China

Biden worst of trailer trash

And he wants to be USA president?

So Mossad can control and destroy USA and Christanity

Bidens most disgusting of human

Yet why chosen by demo for nominations?

After Hussain presidency this is another joke on USA and Americans by Mossad run deep state which is front for pax Judica
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