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Last year - Talk on FEMA Camps - Prepping for Ebola?

*HAARP Lady*
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10/12/2014 10:09 PM
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Last year - Talk on FEMA Camps - Prepping for Ebola?
Remember last year - how there was so much talk about FEMA camps? And then the one thread about an official saying he knew about something that was going to happen in October? I thought they were talking about LAST October - and then 10/2013 came and went without incident (wish I could find that thread!)

But going back to threads and information on all the talk about FEMA camps - makes me wonder if this could be the reason. Could they have known all along? Interesting it is happening AFTER Obamacare goes into full force - where millions of Americans do not have insurance because they could not afford the gov't insurance policies. (My family of 4 do not have insurance because of that fact - the polices were too much - even with subsidies!) What will happen with those people in the US that do not have insurance?

I've seen all the information about the Ebola spread being a hoax, etc - but what if it IS true - what are we really facing here? Are we facing controlled depopulation strategies?

Am I scared? Yes, but only for my family - I've bought some essential oils and supplements - will they help? I have no idea, but why not be prepared?

I think we need to be ready - this is only the beginning, my friends.

~ Haarp Lady
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