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Message Subject My wife is a nurse and we discussed what happens if she has to treat Ebola patients
Poster Handle Patriot_In_Waiting
Post Content
She will have to quit and here is why.....you KNOW others in that hospital will quit. She will not be working in a proper operating hospital. She will be working with bare bones staff and panicking people on the verge of riot.

Not safe at all.

If you want to save the world, keep your children alive and healthy. However you can, which involves money and jobs these days.

I suggest you BOTH work and then let her get out of health care ASAP.

It should be a job for the young, strong in health and no kids to risk.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 58351648

You are correct and we both work already but when confronted with Ebola
I think you guys are right....time to change careers to something a bit less dangerous like minefield sweeping ! No jk, I joke out of concern

But there are other options and will be explored before it is critical
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