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Message Subject My wife is a nurse and we discussed what happens if she has to treat Ebola patients
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I really feel for you, and the countless others
who will have to make hard choices. Why? We do
not want to take a chance with our loved ones.

I am expected to be in another state in December
to be with my daughter during the birth of our
first grandchild. I live in Texas and would have
to drive through Dallas, although by then, even
if I could drive around, people from Dallas
and Houston will have crisscrossed the state
and without quarantining, how can you be sure
you are not carrying the virus?

If the body count gets much higher, I am planning
on sheltering in place and missing this family
event. Lord knows I want to be there, but it
is not worth the risk. Already the state of Maine
is quarantining people who have even set foot
in Dallas. By Christmas, who knows what kind
of issues will be in place.

Thread: Maine Now Quarantining People for Setting Foot in Dallas

Travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas will surely
exacerbate the potential for the virus to travel
throughout the U.S.

I respect you and your wife for making these
difficult choices. I wish for you all continued
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