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Message Subject Renaissance masters did not paint fat women as art, they were the world's first cartoons
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More money and power = money for food and art -> request to the artist to paint them showing all their luxury, in this case, fat

Obesity was not desired for the look rather the concept. This woman was spoiled with wealth, which appealed to the aristocracy of the time. You can be certain they didnt do it because cellulite resembles marble

Also, they couldnt possibly have been cartoons as artists didnt have time for their own adventures, work was commissioned to them, by the men of these women for example.
 Quoting: PoopyFace 64423730

All of the queens of Europe were thin, very, very petite.

Flat-chested, stick figured.

And these were in the commissioned paintings, so if fat equated to wealth and stature than wouldn't the artists paint them heavier?

No, because fat women were not desired, and the paintings of fat women were comparable to watching Jerry Springer.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 64423470

Most of the queens of Europe were fugly.

Except for the Polish ones.
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