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Subject We have to change the culture in America, Biden said
Poster Handle Classiccom
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"We have to change the culture in America, Biden said
(yesterday 10/23/2014)

"Biden celebrates Duluth Model to combat domestic violence"

[link to www.duluthnewstribune.com]

Anybody catch this speech? He is on a personal jihad against fathers. Women are always right - If any man lifts a finger against his wife, he advocates taking the man's car, home , bank account etc. I think he is advocating new VAWA laws on steroids. Just 4 months ago at the U. of Delaware commencement, he advocated the Federal Government guarantee complete equality for Woman. Basically, he wants the federal government to intimidate every father in the country and to intimidate every business to pretend that men and women are equal interchangeable robotic parts.

Anyway, you should have heard the rancor in his voice as he was talking about making men pay dearly for any accused mistakes. Very strange!

Sorry, could not find the video on the WH Youtube site.
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