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Poster Handle Thereturn
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There is now a mountain of evidence that NOBODY in the US ever had Ebola at all - and not even a single granule of evidence that anyone did or does. Not one.

Not a CHANCE IN HELL anyone with recent hemmoragic fever would be allowed anywhere near the president in real life. But this is not real life, this is movie on TV. Enjoy the show, sleepers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 64074823


wait, wasn't it just last week that this site had it all pegged as a major outbreak being covered up?

i thought that the disease was out of control, and the very few reported cases were the result of -- and thereby direct evidence of (apparently) -- dozens, if not hundreds, or thousands, of other cases being covered up by health officials and the government!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 53586335

None of those people ever had ebola. There is no ebola in the US. Its a huge drama unfolding to send a message to the world. There is however a desperate need for the PTB to make the ebola fear and news travel far because its a smokescreen for something else.....

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

Have you ever wondered why the ebola hype is in the air? Do you think the government would tell us what is going on should such event like the mass animal die offs we have seen in previous years, were to begin occurring to humans? No? Did they ever tell us what was responsible for the mass animal die offs? No? Will they ever tell us if/when it comes to the turn of humans? No?

But, hey, they have ebola as a smokescreen that this is or may be the cause and they are deliberately messing up with their stories on MSM of how doctors and nurses are so incompetent and irresponsible with how they are spreading the disease so that there is this hysteria that the disease is spreading all over the place. And one wonders why they have to dramatise the spread of the disease....even if it means they do so with the most ridiculous of stories.........Hmmmm.

When the invisible death, like that which befell the animals causing their mass die offs, come for the humans, humans being able to talk and think won't be silent like the animals who aren't. Thus they will need answers. Well, they got ebola to blame for this and the humans would be satisfied that they at least have an explanation even though its not and won't be written on the foreheads of those that die that they died of ebola.
 Quoting: Thereturn
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