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Subject >> ?What Does Natalie Mean? <<
Poster Handle TastyThoughts
Post Content
This is not the right day and it is way to early for this thread but I'll try it.

What the heck is Natalie Imbruglia talkin'bout when she sings Torn?

I think she seems like a real human and has some decency about her in real life; But, I may be greatly mistaken.
Do you think she is a GLP-er now days?

Anyways, WTF is she talking about in the song Torn?
The character she is signing about or portraying in the song sounds like she has low-self worth, and thinks because some guy was polite to her he is suppose to have the sex with her. But, then when he does not, she blames it on her previous sleazy past.
Is this what she is signing about?
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