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Message Subject Metal sheet showing Jesus, God and a woman with a large mouth tilting her head back like she's capturing souls
Poster Handle The Enlighter
Post Content
Thanks guys your all extremely helpful...NOT! actually quite pathetic responses.

Do the dishes!....hello! its a metal plate not a dish...

How do I know if its Jesus?......well have a look at the billions of pics out there...why should mine be any different....

LSD.....pretty stupid thing to say, makes me think you've had too much of it and depleted your dopamine.

Anyway I've got the metal sheet, will show it when were ready......see how much of a smart ass you are then... :)
 Quoting: The Enlighter

Oh so you think all the pictures of Jesus are accurate- which one was painted or carved by someone that actually met him? I'm not saying you didn't see an image, just rethink if it's Jesus for real or who is it?
 Quoting: VivianV

What are your going on about......Pfft!
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