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Does Biblical "Sins of the Father" = Tom Udall, Mark Udall as Satanists?

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11/03/2014 03:42 PM
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Does Biblical "Sins of the Father" = Tom Udall, Mark Udall as Satanists?
Tom Udall's and Mark Udall's great grandfather, to whom both are very proud of, is John D. Lee. In 1857, John D. Lee - a Charlie Manson-like character - murdered 140 Christian Pilgrim men, women and children ("Mountain Meadows Massacre"), after raping some of the women, then left their bodies naked on the ground to be eaten by dogs, then kidnapped the babies, and stole all of their victims' monies and personal possessions. And then Lee falsely blamed it all on Brigham Young and Indians, which resulted in much hatred and persecution of Indians. Yet, Tom Udall and Mark Udall are proud of John D. Lee.

John D. Lee had 18 "wives". This great stolen wealth was clearly parlayed by this Udall family to their current levels of great wealth and political power.

In Medieval times, the "Udalls" were the "Yewdales" - "Valley of the Yew Tree." The Yewdales sold their yew wood to the tyrants of England where it was converted into yew bows. These English long bows were used to murder millions of Irish, Scottish, French and others, then rape their women and steal their lands and resources. Which led to the British Empire to further conquer other lands (about 50% of Africa, India, etc.), and to most of the Black slave trade. Back then, yew wood was considered the yellow cake of its time, and the English long bow was the weapon of mass destruction (WMD). Today, the Yewdales would be classified as terrorists. It was a yew bow that shot the arrow that wounded Joan of Arc, leading to her capture and burning alive at the stake. It was the yew bow that slaughtered Braveheart's heroic warriors that led to Braveheart's capture, torture and murder by the English tyrant.

The Church of Bible Prophecy (churchofbibleprophecy.org)has an excellent webpage (link at top of its homepage), which goes into great details about how Tom Udall and Mark Udall are Satanists based on the Biblical "Sins of the Father", plus much, much more horrific details on these Udalls. Read it, and tell everyone else.

They say that New Mexico has the very best politicians that drug money can buy. Now you know why.
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