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Message Subject Anyone expressing an opinion about life can only do it from their own level. Who can claim to know life in all its breadth, greatness, vastness?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have lived countless lives. We all have. I have seen life from many points of view. I have been male and female, father and mother. I have been a sinner and a saint. I have been blind. I have lived very short lives and very long ones.

I believe I have a soul that has been enlightened and educated by the many experiences I have endured and enjoyed. My soul's knowledge is hidden from me as I live here and now...but when I "get dead" it shall remember it all.

Over the eons I have been rewarded for the good I have done for fellow souls both human and animal. I have had some sad lives to balance the bad deeds I am responsible for. I have seen the beauty and the ugly of the world from the beginning. There have been brilliant sunrises and final sunsets.

I would like to think I appreciate all the wonders I have seen and always look for more. My soul must be in constant awe of its history and memories. I make every effort to be kind and generous now, so I can enjoy the memories in the realms of my spirit existence.

No hell, no heaven, no religions, just constant adventures in eternity. There is total understanding for we all have shared the good and bad. We have to accept forgiveness for each other and ourselves. We move on when we choose to. There is always more to see.
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