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Putin Prioritizes Strong Sino – Russian Ties

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42902386
11/10/2014 06:36 PM
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Putin Prioritizes Strong Sino – Russian Ties
Putin Prioritizes Strong Sino – Russian Ties

by Stephen Lendman

On November 10, Putin addressed Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum members. Calling Russia’s participation strategically important.

Intending expanded cooperation. Through increased trade and investment incentives. “The twenty-first century has already been called ‘the Pacific century,’ ” he said.

“Russia must make use of the competitive advantages offered by this fast-growing economic, technology and innovation centre.”

Russian Siberian and Far Eastern regions “offer a unique chance for this vast region’s countries to effectively develop and make use of the opportunities there and further strengthen their potential.”

“Cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region is one of Russia’s strategic priorities. The overall constructive spirit that characterises our relations with the vast majority of countries in the region is very important.”

“We value this spirit greatly and will do everything possible to develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas.”

“Trade with the Asia-Pacific region countries represents more than a quarter of Russia’s total trade today.”

“We want to increase this share to 40 percent, and we are taking concrete steps to expand the geography of our exports and increase the share of non-raw materials and high-tech goods.”

Through “fast-growth zones offering tax incentives and simplified administrative procedures.”

Putin called China one of Russia’s key trading partners. Increasingly its most important one. Planning expanded bilateral trade in rubles and yuan.
Bypassing dollar transactions. Weakening it in the process. Welcoming similar relations with other regional countries.

Based on “mutually advantageous cooperation.” Saying economic integration “is clearly taking the fore on the APEC agenda today.”
Calling China’s “concrete steps towards establishing” Asia/Pacific free trade zone agreements a major accomplishment.

Benefitting all participants. Saying “(s)witching (to) large-scale (ruble/yuan transactions) means that the impact of the dollar on the global energy sector will objectively decline.”

Advantageus “for the global economy (and) world of finance and (its) energy markets.”

Helpful in “expand(ing) our capabilities in mutual trade…In cooperation with (China), we intend to use the national currency more widely in mutual settlements.”

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