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Poster Handle james in Oz
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""""The emblem of the Cherokees is a seven pointed star. This symbol is believed to represent gu-ta-ni(yi) from the ancient legends told by the Ah-ni-ku-ta-ni, which tell that the Cherokee People and all human people came from gu-ta-ni(yi), the "place of the sun", a star in the heavens.

In the original beliefs of the Ah-ni-yv-wi-ya, the physical world was a mirror image of the spiritual world, and every object and tangible element of matter that existed in this world did so because a corresponding spiritual energy in the spirit world allowed it to have form and substance in this reality. By way of example, When an animal or plant became extinct, it was believed that the spiritual energy that defined it had been taken back into the spirit world, and correspondingly, that the Creator Spirit (U-ne-la-nv-hi) could cause this energy to be physically manifested when it was time for certain forms of life to reappear in the physical world. """"
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