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Scientists Discover the True Age of Water Actually Predates the Sun!

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11/18/2014 11:28 AM
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Scientists Discover the True Age of Water Actually Predates the Sun!
How old is water? We often like to imagine that shortly after the earth solidified in its creation to be this rocky ball orbiting the sun, water came to be on this planet. It predates all biological life on earth, in fact – it paved the way for life to emerge. It is through water that biological life formed.

But new research is demonstrating that the water on this planet may not have been formed on this planet at all, but in fact been floating around in space for a verrryyy long time. So long in fact, that it predates not just this planet, but our very own sun.

Modern science has pegged the sun at being roughly 4.6 Billion years old, so that means that all of the water on this planet was created sometime between 4.6 billion years, and 14 billion (which is where we’ve pegged the big bang occurring… although honestly at all of the fractals in the creation of everything, i hardly think we can put a peg on what is ultimately a timeless thing. We are still experiencing the big bang today, regardless of how linear we think things are).

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