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Message Subject Strong intense feeling of finality...
Poster Handle Vroude
Post Content
Actually, my 9 year old daughter had a creepy dream this night.
She said that she was lying in bed when suddenly this dark shadow was entering her room, whispering "the clock is ticking" over and over - then the shadow or whatever it was - turns up its face and look at her. The eyes are red and tears of blood starts to flow over its face.

In that moment she wakes up, freaking scared and runs to our bedroom.
Kind of chilling, but yes - I know, kids have an imagination out of this world sometimes. And it might not even fit in this thread...but wanted to share it anyway.
 Quoting: Lyonesse

sounds like there's child abuse going on
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 44649440

Sounds like a night terror/sleep paralysis to me. Children are very susceptible to them and they can be absolutely horrifying..
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