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God's Judgment of America

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United States
11/23/2014 04:46 PM
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God's Judgment of America
God's judgment of America-

Verily, the Lord says unto you...

To the church in America, I have addressed you before. A lukewarm church that makes me nauseous. Neither cold nor hot, but both cold and hot. Just enough heat to gain converts, and enough cold to usurp the glory of God in favor of self righteousness.
What is it that has caused you to lose your first love? What has caused you to give in to the whims of the World? Have I not told you to be separate from the world? You have set yourself as a conquerer, but are becoming, and will be conquered.
I have given you my word, but you make a mockery of it.

I told you that loving God with all of your being was fulfilled in loving your neighbor as yourself. The greatest command even given to mankind. You balked at that! Even asking me "Who is my neighbor?" I gave you an example of a man of a different ethnicity, a different religion, and a different culture. I did this to show you that all people are your neighbor; not just those who are similar to you. You do not hear.

I told you that whatever you did to the very least of people you will have done it to me. I even warned you that many would come to me in the day of judgment saying "Lord, Lord. Didn't we do all these wonderful works in your name?" Yes, I warned you. These are not the sinners that say this to me in that day, but Christians just like those of the Church in America. The sadness is that judgment such as this could be prevented.

You have made a political and worldly circus of God glory, and have been found sinning against the Holy Spirit as a result. You behave as nicolaitans while making the bold claims of freedom, and have mocked God.

I told you to feed the poor, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, and visit the prisoner. Instead you now mock the poor, hate the stranger, resent the naked, and have not only forgotten the prisoner, but have worked diligently to create more prisoners.
You have sold your souls to the disciples of Mammon, and have even gone as far as to worship those disciples of evil.

I warned you that if it were possible that even the very elect would be deceived. You have not only allowed yourself to be deceived, but revel in the deceptions.
You have become an assembly of hatred, bitterness, blindness, deception, and of evil incarnate. For this reason, I spew you out of my mouth.

Thee are many among you who think they would repent of this evil, but their blasphemy against the Holy Spirit has risen as stench in my nostrils, and they will not be forgiven unless they repent in truth.

Have you never known me? Have you not heard that God is Love?

I have heard your judgments and complaints. They do not sound as sweet praise to my ears. No! They smell worse than a sick man's dung. So much so that you have sickened me, and I now spew you from my mouth. You have become vomit in my eyes, and now I will send you my judgments just as I have been sending judgments.

Judgments are not a punishment, but rather a clarion call to repentence. Repenting is not asking me for forgiveness, but rather changing, and making restitution with those people you have sinned against; those whom you hate.

On that day when I judge all nations, I will see America. I will separate what is good from what is evil. Verily, I say to you that what I will remember of America is the very thing the Church in America has done battle against, and continues to battle against.
You were given space to repent before judgment. Now you must find it within yourself to repent during judgment.

You shall witness, and currently witness the signs of my judgments against you.

- I will take from you your wealth, prosperity, and blessing. The disciples of Mammon will become your masters, and you their servants. You will not repent, but rather revel in your slavery thinking you are free.

- I will cause your churches to be given the burden of taxes. But, you will not repent, and will even increase your hatred of those who demand that tax burden. Those who you blame will be doing what I had led them to do, and yet you will not repent, but rather continue to refuse my love for all people.

- I will allow a new power to arise, and thus diminish that power previously given to America. Still, you will not repent, but demand repentance from those who have not sinned against me. You have become an indebted nation, and I will allow the new power to remove from you what is owed to them. Pray that it not include war from which you will never recover.

- You will see your infrastructure collapse before your very eyes, and it will come suddenly and consistently. You will not repent. Instead, you will beg the disciples of mammon to raise up new infrastructure. They will make a grand show of rebuilding, but will only rebuild what they themselves need to gain your wealth. They will rebuild at your expense, and maintain at your expense. You could have asked it and provided it of yourself, but have come to loathe the rule that I have blessed you with. Even electing the disciples of mammon who loathe you and your power; who loathe America. You shall realize this error when it is too late, and there will be weeping and great sadness.

- You will become confused as you become aware that I am blessing those whom you hate, but only a few of you will repent. The rest of you shall harden your hearts, and perish without God.

- You will see empty church buildings that were once grand structures, but can no longer survive due to the loss of revenue. Only the largest of mega-churches and denominational churches will survive, but not as before. Also, the meek assemblies where I am still found.

I will not completely destroy America because of my word given to those before you who loved me, and did as I instructed toward other people even as they sinned against me otherwise. But, I will remove your place among the churches, and shun you. Still, you will not repent. Instead, you will whine about being persecuted. Your persecutions will be no worse than the persecutions you have given to other people. Even the America that does survive my judgment will not be the crowning glory it once was. But, if you repent, then I will restore your place and your wealth. The wealth is yours, but you have given it freely to the disciples of mammon.

I have removed your place as the crown of nations, and I have placed you lower and lower among the nations, so that you would repent. You have turned a blind eye, and a deaf ear to my words and actions.

Those who act in out of love, and yet deny my name are not your enemy. They may deny my name, but they live unaware in my spirit. They are the children of God, and yet you hate them for it, and seek to hinder them. Repent, or I shall hinder you a hundred fold, and will give your total wealth to your enemies.

God is love, and those who deny that power never knew God. Everything else is a deception. I would much rather you deny my name than to deny my love, but leave nothing undone that you do in faith of my name.

Soften your hearts that you may feel. Listen with your ears that you may hear. Open your eyes that you may see. Repent. Show love without judgment or reservation. Be what I have called you to be, or you will not have part with me, and you will face the most severe of judgment.

Your self righteousness and fake piety are more than I can take without also taking action against you. Repent.

Verily, I desire that you love. I am love, and only those who love in word and deed have any part with me.

Repent, and I shall restore you. Refuse, and you will lose your nation and your place in the Kingdom of Heaven to those whom you hate.

Verily saith the Lord.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42787673
United States
11/23/2014 05:07 PM
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Re: God's Judgment of America