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Drawing of Inebriati challenge coin found in Queens College Library, Oxford England.

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12/02/2014 10:58 PM
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Drawing of Inebriati challenge coin found in Queens College Library, Oxford England.
The Inebriati, also known as the Loyal Order of the Knights Tippler are a clandestine fringe organization bound by the creed that "humanity is better and more noble after very nearly two drinks, than at any other time."

[link to www.inebriati.club (secure)]

They are rumoured to have been around for centuries, though no one knows exactly how long. Suffice to say, they've been complicit in all major world events, gently swaying from side to side in the background.

A well kept fraternal secret, no one outside the Inebriati has ever been awarded this medallion. The author of this website makes this information known after coming across the meticulously kept diaries of one Mr. J. Erasmus Whitmere in the stacks of Queens College Library, Oxford University.

According to his diaries, Whitmerewas studying law, one of the three soft sciences taught at Oxford at the time. History and economics completed the course of study. These sciences were known informally as the "Way of Three" or Tri-Via in Latin.

The Oxford Tri-Via students would break up into small groups like Whitmere's "Lucky 7s" to test their knowledge of studies prior to examinations. Eventually with the application of enough beer, the Tri-Via groups began to compete against each other, hurling questions about law and the soft sciences about The Crown pub.

This tradition is observed to this day in bars and pubs throughout the world, though the hard sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are occasionally included.
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