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Message Subject I made a decision tonight ;)
Poster Handle Open Your Eyes OYE
Post Content

I told you to spill it

If you don't share it, you are just as 'bad' as the dark side

Because you are not teaching to those willing to listen to you, you seem to want to only using the information for your own personal power/enlightenment

Share it with the world and allow it to grow in the minds of others
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes OYE

It's not that simple. Everything must be done with moderation, lest we do more damage to the connection.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

If she told me the insight she found, I would be able to give her advice on how to handle the information
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes OYE

Maybe she knows more than you do?

Or, more likely, maybe she knows something different than you do.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

No it would not be something I have not heard before

I have heard almost everything

My gift is the ability to manage and organize all the different belief systems and tell you what is really important in all that knowledge
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