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Message Subject I made a decision tonight ;)
Poster Handle Kai (VALIS)
Post Content

Yes. But you have to do it carefully and respectfully.

If someone doesn't want something you ought not force feed it to them.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

She doesn't have to FORCE anything on People

Create a thread on the Insight and allow people to click on the thread if it is in their own Free Will to do it

And it will resonate with those it was meant for
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes OYE

That was directed at you, not her.

And it's not about what you're saying. It's about how you say it.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

Should I massage your ego first?

Would you be more willing to accept things if I make YOU feel comfortable?

Or shall I just be direct
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes OYE

Go ahead.

I can see you're not used to dealing with people who might know as much (or more) as you do.
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