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Message Subject I made a decision tonight ;)
Poster Handle Kai (VALIS)
Post Content

I, for one, value your input.

You have found many ways of connecting the dots, so to speak.

But you make a lot of assumptions.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

Do you believe Good is just as Evil as Evil? There is no difference, both sides are the same?

Can we be explicit, and state what you mean by sides? Good and Evil and/or Heaven and Hell and/or Order and Chaos?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45107896

...and black/white, light/dark, positive/negative, logic/emotion, etc.

All facets/dimensions/fractals of the same duality.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

So you believe all of those things are the same? There is no difference any way? Or all difference is purely physical/geometrical and there is no 'meaning' beyond the physical orientations and interactions of substance?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45107896

More like they are all variations on the same theme. Infinite space creates infinite variables and possibilities or versions. But they all have the same solution: merger of duality through wise mind, understanding, mutual empathy.
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