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Message Subject Cosby is a bad dude but the playboy bunnies being raped.....
Poster Handle Bluebird
Post Content
I heard a news report that a 15yr old was raped by Cosby at the PB mansion...WHAT THE HELL WAS A 15yrs old doing at the PB mansion????
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37897680

Not All of these rapes happened at the PB mansion but the ones that did, they were taken there by Cosby.

Most were underage and certainly NOT PB bunnies! I haven't heard of even one who was!

So WTF are you going on about that for? Trying to defend the old perve?

And for the record, even PB Bunnies are entitled to say who they will and will not have sex with. You are thinking just like a rapist yourself by implying because a woman will have sex with one, it implies consent for all.

People like you make me want to barf!

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