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Message Subject the white sun, venus and mars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Thanks again. I went through the links. The only three I found that were actually about the sun setting or rising earlier/later were these below. The others were about the sun being further north or south. Some were people confusing "light outside" with actually watching the orb of the sun sink below the horizon.

Of the three below, two were in 2012, and one in 2016. I find the dates interesting because I think if there has been a change, it would likely have been gradual or noticed previously to me.

The first one was pretty good, but included only one witness and the thread was short.

Unfortunately, the second one lacked actual time and specific observation data.

The third one had a few interesting and varied eye-witness testimonies and was only last year.


Thread: Did the sun set later than normal today?

Thread: The Sun Was Supposed To Set At 4:41 Central Time In Missouri, 12/18 , Still Hasn't Set At 5:01

Thank you for pointing these out.

I am not asking for you to believe me or validate me. All I ask is that you go out and watch a sunset or sunrise: watch the actual orb of the sun rise or set behind the horizon. Note your location and the time the sun is supposed to rise or set where you are.

If multiple people would do this several days in a row, being critical and exact with what they observe, we might actually have something to discuss.
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Thread: Sun Set 12 or 13 minutes Earlier than Usual - go outside and look! (Page 5)
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