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Message Subject the white sun, venus and mars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Think there is nothing up with the sun?
 Quoting: 7he4nomaly 76010891

magnetism is created by electric. the primary force in the universe is electric. energy passes along plasma filaments in space and feeds our sun and in turn feeds all other planets. when the sun goes through a solar minimum the earths magnet weakens allowing more cosmic rays to enter along with more hydrogen. this hydrogen mixes with the oxygen leaving the earth which creates hydroxils and in turn h2o. so when the sun goes to sleep we see great floods and ice ages. also volcanoes wake up speeding up the cooling process...

so the answer is the earths energy is fed by the sun electrically and that electric drives and creates EVERYTHING WE SEE AND DONT SEE TODAY.

There's More ...
All planets had Human life, Pluto Saturn and moons, Jupiter, Tiamat, but like in the Story of Krypton {Cryptologically meaning the outer planets] but abuse of technology destroyed them by various means, Mars had its atmosphere burned off like earth as survivors on outer planets visit earth to mine it for resources raping nature destroying the planets one by one.

Saturn has been so mined there not much material left but gas.

This alleged sundog is extremely rare and indicates how little atmosphere earth has left.
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