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Sumatra Rupture Produced Noticeable Shift in Earth's Gravity Fields

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08/06/2006 06:12 PM
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Sumatra Rupture Produced Noticeable Shift in Earth's Gravity Fields
BULLETIN ITEM: Geophysicists Say Sumatra Rupture Produced Noticeable Shift in Earth's Gravity Fields In The Indian Ocean

MWM: And there you have it, the explanation below of why we had the huge anomaly in Polar Motion during 2005/06. The balance of gravity shifted after the Rupture, the Spin Axis began to careen off course for nearly a year, and then finally the other gravity vectors "arrested" the careen in November 2005, the vectors contended and thus held the Spin Axis is virtual stasis for nearly four months, and then finally the rebalancing of gravity, spin axis motion, and the orbital twist of the Earth's orientation in space spontaneously generated a new wobble motion, similar to the old one but shifted some 90 degrees in phase - a tear, as it were, in the fabric of planetary time. This now gives us a pretty good model for looking at the coming flight of the Phoenix. Almost certainly it will begin the same way. No doubt it will have several false starts though several years, so to speak, like this anomaly we have just observed, but eventually, after a similar start, the wobble will not recover. The spiral will continue to careen out of bounds, force a break-up of both the equatorial belt and the polar ridge, and then find a Longitude down which it "flat lines" to a new location. Based on comments by Cayce and several other major world class clairvoyants, I give it three wobble cycles at max, some 21 years, that is 2027 at the latest. Based on the simple fact that the Earth's wobble shows the greatest instability in the Wobble MIN phase (when it is at the smallest size) we may see the greatest tectonic activities "near" these periods. But keep in mind that the Sumatra Rupture was some 22 months away from the IERS predicted wobble MIN for 2006, which give us a rather inexact calendar. The next MIN phases are due in approx. 2013 and 2020. And of course, there is a remaining large problem. Just what factor set off the Sumatra Rupture? This remains pretty murky. The best we may come to is that it simply was the result of accumulated stress from the gradually changing shape of the Earth. But this is so close to a tautology, I hate it as an explanation. We are left vainly holding straws without a clue, really, to the next great rupture.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say they've determined Earth's gravity changed as a result of the giant 2004 Sumatran earthquake.

The discovery marked the first time scientists have used satellite data to detect changes in the Earth's surface caused by a massive earthquake.

The discovery signifies a new use for data from NASA satellites and offers a possible new approach to understanding how earthquakes work.

The 9.1-magnitude December 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake in the Indian Ocean produced a tsunami that killed approximately 230,000 people, while displacing more than 1 million others.

The event followed the slipping of two continental plates under the seafloor that raised ocean bed in the region by several feet for thousands of square miles.

"The earthquake changed the gravity in that part of the world in two ways that we were able to detect," said Shin-Chan Han, a research scientist at Ohio State University. He and colleagues determined the quake triggered the massive uplift of the seafloor, changing the geometry of the region and altering previous global positioning satellite measurements of the area. And the density of the rock beneath the seafloor shifted, producing detectable gravity changes.

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