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zombies all year round

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 66157917
United States
12/17/2014 09:35 PM
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zombies all year round
Zombies don't just appear around Halloween anymore.

Whenever you turn of the tv, chances are great that you will see, within half an hour, a zombie tv show, movie, or commercial (mcdonalds ad with a girl fighting off zombies, this ad appeared during early summer).
If you search for games in the google play store on your smartfone, you will find at least 30-40 zombie themed games.
Department stores carry enough zombie merchandise to create a store in itself.
"Chia pet" sells chia zombie heads. And not just during halloween.
"Zombie walks" are appearing in more and more cities.
This is no laughing matter. This is seriously ominous. Weird